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How To Apply

/How To Apply


Welcome to, your solution. Please take your time to read this entire page properly  for better understanding on how to register for the programme.

*Click HERE to pre-register

*After Pre-registering, click HERE to print or DOWNLOAD your form.

* Then do pay the form fee which is currently #8,000, to the following account number

Account Name: IJMBex Grade Point Concept

Guarantee Trust Bank (nationwide): 0219523409

* After paying, do fill the printed form in CAPITAL LETTERS
* Attach your passport to the designated area on the form
*  Go back to the nearest cyber cafe to you and scan the form you have already filled, and also scan the teller copy you were issued at the bank
*. Send all the scanned data to
*. Within 2 to 4 hours, a reply will be sent to you via the email you used to send the scanned data to us, the email will include other few details you need to know as an IJMB students.

e-registration form

Online registration is for students who don’t want to go through the stress of a printing a physical paper and going back to cafe to scan it to us… You can do you registration online.

*Click HERE to pre-register

After pre-registering proceed to the bank to pay N8,000

Account Name: IJMBex Grade Point Concept

Guarantee Trust Bank (nationwide): 0219523409

After your payment is confirmed login details would be sent to both your email and phone so that you can complete your registration online.

Click HERE to complete your registration. login with your  Username and Pin sent to your phone.

When you successfully complete your registration on our website you would be granted admission.

You can then proceed to pay your school fees

Tuition fee  = ₦110,000
Hostel Fee is = ₦35,000
Text books and other materials = ₦15,000

Making a total of ₦160,000.


Students who cannot afford to pay the whole school fees at once are very much welcomed, However you are expected to pay an initial fee of ₦100,000 then balance up with ₦60,000 at a later date.

At any point in time during this registration if you become confused or you need help please call 08031919742  or mail